The University Steering Committee consists of the following members: The Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Faculty Senate, the Professional Staff Senate, the Nonexempt Staff Senate, the Graduate Student Association, as well as the President and Speaker of the Student Government Association, the Chair of the Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee, and the President of UMBC, ex officio. Each academic year, the members elect a Chair and Vice Chair.

Committee Members Summer 2023

Jess Wyatt

Jess Wyatt, Chair, University Steering Committee
Past President, Professional Staff Senate
Associate Director, Alumni Engagement, Institutional Advancement


Susan McDonough

Susan A. McDonough, Vice Chair, University Steering Committee
President, Faculty Senate
Associate Professor, History


Rob Bennett

Robert J. Bennett
Chair, Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee
Part-time Lecturer, English


Jessica Burstrem

Jessica B. Burstrem
Vice President, Graduate Student Association


Helena Dahlen

Helena C. Dahlen
Vice President, Nonexempt Staff Senate
Executive Administrative Assistant, Information Technology


Grace De Oro

Grace De Oro ’19
President, Graduate Student Association


Loren Henderson

Loren Henderson
Vice President, Faculty Senate
Associate Professor, Public Policy


Musa Jafri

Musa Jafri
President, Student Government Association


Cael Mulcahy

Cael Mulcahy
Vice President, Professional Staff Senate
Director of Operations, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences


Shakira Scott-Harris

Shakira Scott-Harris
Speaker of the Senate, Student Government Association


Ray Soellner

Raymon Soellner, Jr. ‘06
President, Professional Staff Senate
Director, Communications, Information Technology


Desiree Stonesifer

Desiree Stonesifer
President, Nonexempt Staff Senate
Business Services Specialist, Financial Services

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